2021 Honda 2.3 HP 2.3 HP

The best things come in small packages.

And that’s especially true with Honda’s BF2.3, one of the world’s lightest four-stroke outboards. The BF2.3 is so light, it rivals many two-stroke 2HP engines and electric motors, without the battery!

But just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean we cut back on the power. The BF2.3 features 15% more power over its predecessor. Plus we added a 12% larger internal gas tank, which provides for about one hour of operation at wide open throttle. It’s a technologically advanced design that gives you power and performance – without sacrificing portability.

Basic Info

Make: Honda
Model: 2.3 HP
Year: 2021
Condition: New
Category: Outboard

Technical Details

Power: 2.3 HP
RPM: 6000
Fuel: Gasoline
Number Cylinders: 1


Cooling System: Forced Air
Emissions: 3 Star
Ignition System: Transistorized
Propeller Type: 3 Blade Plastic
Lubrication System: Oil Slinger System


Displacement: 3.49 cid
Bore: 1.8 in
Weight: 31 lb
Weight Type: Dry
Stroke: 1.4 in
Gear Ratio: 2.42:1

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